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A few words concerning Vietnam Animals Cruelty

Vietnam animal cruelty

The VAC is an organization that was born in Vietnam in 2011.
Its purpose is to help the pets that are dogs and cats, mainly animals abandoned or lost, to prevent their tragic ends.

But we also want to help the people of this country, to improve the relationship between humans and animals.
Our goal is based on an awareness campaign, creating events in partnership with people of fashion and television.
The creation of video clips, books, comics and cartoons for the youngest, still on the theme of pets is important to us to make vietnamese aware of pets.

We already work with NPO based in Vietnam, with people from different nationalities and of course with Vietnamese, all lovers of our four-legged beloved companions.
We hope in a near future to work with organizations based in Europe, Australia, USA and Thailand.
These animals need us because they can not speak or defend themselves.

We hope by this initiative to provide a better relationship between humans and animals, for a positive future and well being.

You can visit our website : http://www.vietnamanimalscruelty.com/en

Our facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vietnam-Animals-Cruelty/412284558796298

Pet rescue and sensitization vietnamese people