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Non-profit organization Vicky located in France at St Simeon de Bressieux

Logo association Vicky

Vicky is a registered non-profit organization run by Valerie and Stephane and located in St Simeon de Bressieux in France under the reference W381008908. Our primary focus is to rescue and rehome small animals in need (wild and domestic). Neglected, injured and abandoned animals are our main priority.

Our work is to provide a safe haven for small animals in need while promoting responsible pet guardianship

We reject all forms of cruelty to animals, we believe that animals have as much right to live in peace on Earth than humans.

We collect small abandoned animals (rabbits, rodents, ...) and do our best to find for them a new family. We are always looking for food for our residents and for other shelters (dogs, cats, wild animals). We give some advices and try to educate as much as possible people about animal welfare (held stand, website, ...). We also participate in the protection of wildlife (donations of food and medical supplies to rescue centers for wildlife rescue amphibians during migration to breeding sites, ...).

We also offer free petcare for small animals during your vacations, hospitalization, travel to avoid abandoning.

In the future we want to expand to be able to help more small animals and also taking care of abused dogs and farm animals.

Our website (in french): http://associationvicky.e-monsite.com/
Our facebook (in french): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vicky-association-daide-aux-animaux/174419199261697


How to help us?

1 - when you buy somes pictures on pictophoto. the website donates 10% on each photo sold. Some photographers help out our organization by donating a part of their own royalties, for example Loic Bel and Chantal Bonnenfant

2 - you can also help us with some food, donations or just by clicking on adverts more details on this page



Assoc Vicky venant en aide aux petits animaux