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Photographers how to sell your photos or your work

Selling photos at Pictophoto is very easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

Open a photographer account: It only takes a few minutes

Presentation Pictophoto

oneChoose if you want to help a NPO: you have the possibility to donate a part of your royalties to an organization from our listing or you choose one you like. It's not an obligation just a choice

twoRead the different informations concerning the quality, the size, the income

threeUpload your photos: When you're ready to get started building your portfolio, you just have to upload photos by FTP. Before you can submit your images, you'll need to agree to our Artist Image Upload Agreement.

fourProcess Your Images: Once you've uploaded your images, don't forget to fill up the excel documents containing title, description and keywords for each photo.

fiveOur Editors will quickly evaluate your submission. If your photos are accepted and added to your Pictophoro portfolio, you'll earn royalties on any photographies we sell for you.


Ok, i register now >>>


What you sould know before uploading any photos:

1 - Who can submit images to pictophoto.com?

If you are a professional artist or a passionated photographer you can sign in


2 - I have photos on other stock sites, can I upload them to your site too?

Yes of course, you are welcome to do so, as long as the stock website you are currently contributing to do not put any restrictions on your photos that would prevent you from doing so


3 - I've got a blog or a website can i link to my Pictophoto portfolio?

You can use links, pictophoto logo or any banners to link to pictophoto.


4 - How many photos can I submit at a time?

You can download via ftp an important quantity of photos but don't forget that each one will be verified. Usually we advise photographers to send maximum 100 pics per week.


5 - Why some of my pictures are not accepted?

Our inspection team is only interested in one thing: providing our clientele with excellent, relevant photographies that meet their needs. If you upload a photo with a low quality it won't be accepted. Please refer to the FAQ


6 - Why do you need a Model and a property release?

If your photo includes recognizable persons, we require you to include a signed Model Release form with your photo. This is to confirm that the person(s) in the photo agree(s) to it being used commercially and published. If your pic includes the property of others such as houses or private buildings (interiors or exteriors) then, we generally require you to include a signed Property Release form with your photo. This is to confirm that the owner(s) of such property agree(s) to it being used commercially and published


7 - How do I know if a photo has been approved or rejected?

In your member area you have a category called "your uploaded photos", when we refuse a photo you receive an explanation why this picture can't be use on pictophoto


8 - How long does it normally take from the time I upload photographies until they are available to buy on pictophoto?

Generally, the evaluation and processing time ranges from a few days to several weeks, depending on the volume of photos in the queue and the quality of the photo. For example if you upload a splendid, unique pic of a landscape it will be consider more important than a photo similar to one already on the website


9 - How much royalty do I get when I sell a photo?

It's difficult to answer the question because there are so many parameters possible.

For example, if a french client buys a photo L at 9.46 euros (12 us dollars)

- you are a photographer JADE you will receive 3.60 us dollars (if you choose to donate 20% to a NPO you will get 2.80 us dollars)

 - you are a photographer SAPPHIRE you will receive 6 us dollars

 - you are a photographer DIAMOND you will receive 8.40 us dollars

 If the photo is bought by one member of the pictophoto community you can add 15%


10 - How can I find out how much money I have made?

Your total sales and earnings are listed in your profile in your member area. Everything is detailed very clearly.