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How to help an organization or a NPO by donating a part of your royalties

As a photographer or artist you can choose to donate a part of your royalties to a NPO (non-profit organization) from our listing or one organization of your own.

When a customer purchases a photo on pictophoto.com, Pictophoto donates 10% to organizations. As a professional or passionated by the photography you could choose to donate 0%, 25 %, 50%, 75% or all your royalties to a non-profit organization.

We listed below the organization that we are already working with:

The VAC: Vietnam animals cruelty is a small group a french, australian and vietnamese people, their goal is the sensitization of children through comic books, books and cartoons dedicated to show that the dog and the cat is just a reflection of his master. Taking care of him, the animal give back thousand times love and devotion. Their mission is to help vietnamese people to accept dogs as a pet

Website: http://www.vietnamanimalscruelty.com/en


Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly serves those who are sixty and older who have no support in their immediate area. Our most important service is our Friendly Visiting Program where a volunteer is matched with an elderly friend.

Website: http://www.littlebrothers.org/

Vicky - Pet Rescue non-profit organization based in France

Website: http://associationvicky.e-monsite.com/


AngelBear Welcome to the home of Angelbear, the UK's fastest growing family of knitters and crocheters who knit bears for children in crisis.

Website: http://www.angelbear.org.uk/


If you are a non-profit organization and wish to be listed on Pictophoto, you should read this document