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How to buy photographies on Pictophoto

It's easy to buy photographies at Pictophoto. Just follow these 4 steps:

Open a free account: It just takes a few minutes. If you've already registered, you'll need to login.

Pay & Go, Pictocredits or Subscription? Well we let you the possibility to buy individual pics directly or purchase a package of pictocredits and save money or obtain a subscription (one month or 3 months with many many advantages).

To buy photos individually, simply click "Add to cart" under any photo thumbnail in your search results.
Checkout: Once you've chosen your photographt, you're ready to checkout. If you're buying individual image(s) without pictocredits or a subscription, you'll be taken to PayPal to finalize your transaction before you can download your pic(s). If you're using pictocredits or your subscription, the cart will change automatically.

For your comfort you don't need a PayPal account. PayPal will process your credit card even if you do not have an account.