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FAQ for non-profit organization

 If you are a non profit oragnization and wish to become a partner with Pictophoto and receive donations, here is important information

1 - We are a non-profit organization, can we register on Pictophoto?
To be registered on the site and get donations you must be sponsored by a photographer or illustrator, when he will sign in, he will indicate your name, we will contact you for details about your association
2 - Can we be sponsored by several photographers / illustrators / artists?
Of course, each contributor can sponsor two associations, but an association may be sponsored by as many photographers as you find and wish to offer you a part of his royalties. We recommend a dozen of sponsors to generate good donations.

3 - Without any sponsor, we can not sign up, right?
Indeed, Pictophoto is a site selling photographs and illustrations, this is the concept of the site

4 - How much can we get, how it works?
For each sale of photos, you will receive 10% from Pictophoto, if you are 10 associations you will receive for a sale at 10 us dollars, 0.10 cts. Then if the photographer has chosen to donate (eg 25%) of his royalties so you will get 1.75 us dollars as the only NPO, but if you are 2 NPO sponsored you will get 0.87 cts. Thus for a sale of this photo you will receive 1.75 + 0.10 = 1.85 us dollars

5 - What is the minimum payout?
We make a transfer when your balance is 35 us dollars (about 28.77 EUR)

6 - How do you pay?
By Paypal
7 - The payment terms?
When your balance is equal to 35 us dollars

8 - If we want to keep the balance in order to obtain a larger sum
Just let us know by sending us an email
9 - Should we introduce our NPO on Pictophoto?
This is an easy and effective way to get more sponsors and advertise for your association. Here is a sample presentation
10 - If a photographer has decided to stop working with Pictophoto, what about us?
For your association, do not worry, your account will not be closed