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Homemade mixed salad
Homemade mixed salad

Reference: FAB632

Photographer: Chantal Bonnenfant

Size: 500 x 342 pixels

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Licence: publication

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salad, batavia, black olives, cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, minth, fish terrine, cheese

Theme: A delicious and fresh mixed salad composed of leaves of batavia, cherry tomatoes, black olives, a fish terrine, pieces of cheese, a slice of smoked salmon topped with minth


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XS 500 x 342 px - 72 dpi 155.6 KB 1.5 publication
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M 2000 x 1367 px - 300 dpi 2.64 MB
7 standard

Profits go towards NGO and fundationsThe photographer wished that 25% of her royalties go towards 1 non-profit organization "association Vicky"